Geology and Geologic Hazards of Bear Lake Valley


To build upon the Idaho Geological Survey’s (IGS) commitment in providing increasingly high-quality professional development for Idaho’s earth science teachers, the IGS is developing partnerships among Idaho’s K-12 teachers and university geoscience and teacher education professionals. These collaborative partnerships are most evident in the evolving summer field workshops where participating teachers conduct field research using inquiry methodology addressing the National Science Education Standards.

The following text has been adapted from the Standards for Professional Development for Teachers of Science from the National Science Education Standards.


During this weeklong workshop you will have direct contact with geological phenomena. You will gather and interpret data using appropriate technology, and be involved in groups working on real, open-ended problems. You will also address problems, issues, events, and topics that are important to science, your communities, and fellow teachers.

Learning science through inquiry in a field setting will provide opportunities for you to access scientific literature, media, and technology to broaden your knowledge beyond the scope of immediate inquiries. Participating in daily field investigations will allow you to develop an understanding of the logical reasoning that is demonstrated in constructing research papers and how a specific piece of research adds to the accumulated knowledge of science.

Each morning you will participate in guided activities to help make sense of the new content being learned, whether it comes by presentation, reading, small-group discussion, or field investigation. Activities include ongoing opportunities for you to reflect on the process and the outcomes of learning. Facilitators will help you understand the nature of learning science as you develop new concepts and skills. All those who teach science must be attentive to the scientific ideas that other participants bring with them, provide time for learning experiences to be shared, and be knowledgeable about strategies that promote and encourage reflection.

Some aspects of inquiry are individual efforts, but many are not, and teachers need to experience the value and benefits of cooperative work as well as the struggles and tensions that it can produce.

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