July 26, 2006

Bill Phillips


Evaluation of 2006 Idaho Earth Science Teacher Field Workshop


Evaluation process


1. Form with 7 questions plus room for written comments distributed to participants on last day of workshop

2. Response was 13/14 or 92%

3. Statistical summary performed

4. Preliminary accounting of workshop expenses conducted

5. Teleconference with staff conducted 7/26/06. Present: Roy Breckenridge, Bill Phillips, Stephen Weiser, Mark McFaddan. Not present: Jim Cash.




1. Statistical summary indicates workshop topics and activities highly regarded by nearly all participants. Things to consider doing are:


a. Provide alternative activity for field sites that present barriers to participants with physical disabilities.

b. Improve materials sent to participants so they are better aware of workshop expectations, especially with regard to final project. (NB: Bill would like to note that many participants did not read the material that he did send. There were detailed discussions of what the workshop would entail in the pre-workshop materials)

c. Have more “hands-on” discovery activities like at previous workshop at Stanley in the Sawtooths.

d. Improve public awareness of workshop through press releases, newspaper stories, etc. (NB: workshop web site on IGS website will be updated by end of August, 2006).


2. Workshop costs are very close to budgeted amount from BHS grant ($~8014 v $8000). We recovered our special course fees/workshop fees very efficiently this year, i.e. university has already recorded income from the fees in our educational account.


3. Plan on engaging with Mark McFaddan and North Idaho College in future years when workshop next held in northern Idaho.


4. Have questions on evaluation form regarding a) workshop expectations met; b) skill/topic areas that participants would like to see addressed in the future.


5. Give staff opportunity to review and edit evaluation form.