Trace Element Analysis for Soil and Stream Sediments from the Blackbird Mountain - Panther Creek Region Lemhi County, Idaho

Digital Analytical Data (DAD): DAD-18

Digital Analytical Data (DAD): DAD-18
Year: 2021
Wes Sandlin
Reed S. Lewis
Jesslyn K. Starnes
Christopher A. Tate
This file provides analysis of trace element geochemistry, total heavy metals, cold extractable copper, and sample locations on soil and stream sediment samples collected between 1975-1976 and published in Bennett (1977) as Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology Pamphlet 167 (Reconnaissance geology and geochemistry of the Blackbird Mountain-Panther Creek region, Lemhi County, Idaho). A majority of the samples were collected by Earl H. Bennett, of the Idaho Geological Survey, along with field assistants William Strowd, Warren Barrash, Robert Walker, and Stuart Smith. The samples were collected from the U.S. Forest Service Panther Creek Planning Unit. All soil samples were collected from a depth of 6-12 inches below the humus layer following the sample methods of Canney and others (1953), at an average density of one sample per square mile. Stream sediment samples were collected at active portions of streams, at an average density of one sample per square mile. The file also includes an additional 25 stream sediment samples previously published in a 1975 report by C.R. Knowles (Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology Information Circular 26), which were collected from Upper Big Deer Creek, Clear Creek, and Garden Creek. The data are sorted by sample number. All geochemical analyses were conducted at the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology Analytical Laboratory. Trace element geochemistry was analyzed via atomic absorption spectrophotometry, following methods outlined in the Perkin-Elmer Manual (1973). Cold extractable copper and total heavy metal analysis were conducted via colorimetry. Copper analysis was completed using the biquinoline technique, while total heavy metal analysis was completed using the dithizone method. Full description of these methods can be found in Levinson (1974).
Data Version: V01.2021
Date Added: 07/08/2021

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