Weiser Basin Evaluation

Technical Reports (T): T-11-1

Technical Reports (T): T-11-1
Year: 2011
John G. Bond
John D. Kauffman
William C. Rember
Donna J. Shiveler
This report was prepared by Geoscience Research Consultants (GRC), Moscow, Idaho, in the early 1980s as a consultant report to a petroleum exploration division of CENEX, which was interested in the oil and gas potential of the Weiser embayment area of Idaho. This exploration division no longer exists, nor do several later companies that purchased CENEX's rights. Attempts to contact the last known company that acquired these rights were unsuccessful. The geologic map included in the report is a recompilation, with some additional mapping by GRC's authors in the early 1980s, of a map begun by Jim Fitzgerald in 1978.
Pages: 125
Size: 36" x 48"
Date Added: 03/03/2011

Geologic Maps Included in this Publication

Compiled Geologic Map for the Weiser Basin Evaluation

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