Origin of Lava-Flow Benches in the Henrys Fork, Warm River, and Fall River Canyons, Idaho and Wyoming, and Origin of Upper and Lower Mesa Falls in Henrys Fork Canyon, Island Park, Idaho

Technical Reports (T): T-22-01

Technical Reports (T): T-22-01
Year: 2022
Daniel K. Moore
Glenn F. Embree
Duane E. Champion
Mel A. Kuntz
Clayton S. Painter
Hailey Wilding
This Technical Report is a product of independent work from non-Idaho Geological Survey personnel. This report is published by the IGS to further future scientific studies. The IGS does not guarantee this report to be free of errors nor assume liability for interpretations made from this report, or decisions based thereon.
Pages: 27
Size: 36" x 16"
Date Added: 04/05/2022

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