NEHRP Site Class and Liquefaction Susceptibility Maps for Teton County, Idaho

Digital Databases (DD): DD-6

Digital Databases (DD): DD-6
Year: 2011
William M. Phillips
This database contains map images, GIS shapefiles and data, supporting README files, metadata, and a consultant report on Vs30 measurement for NEHRP site class and liquefaction susceptibility maps of Teton County, Idaho. The maps, README files, and most of the consultant report can viewed in PDF format. Parts of the consultant report are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. GIS data and metadata for the maps are provided in ESRI ArcMap format, version 9.3.
Data Version: 12.2011.14
Date Added: 12/14/2011

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Download Consultant Report (Zip | 73,744 KB)
Fugro Consultants Inc. final project report
Download NEHRP Data (Zip | 5,867 KB)
Includes shape files for NEHRP, Grid data, metadata, and project boundaries
Download Liquefaction Data (Zip | 5,628 KB)
Liquefaction data includes GIS shapefiles, Grid data, metadata, and project boundaries
Download Liquefaction ReadMe (PDF | 119 KB)
Liquefaction explanatory text
Download Liquefaction Map (PDF | 6,191 KB)
Map of liquefaction susceptibility for Teton County
Download NEHRP Map (PDF | 5,018 KB)
Map of NEHRP site classes for Teton County
Download NEHRP ReadMe (PDF | 147 KB)
NEHRP site class explanatory text
Access Liquefaction Metadata (Link | KB)
Access NEHRP Metadata (Link | 59 KB)

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