U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Documents

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission publications

These Idaho-related publications were originally published by the U.S. Bureau of Mines or U.S. Geological Survey.

Hydrogeochmical reconnaissance for uranium in the Stanley area, south-central Idaho. 1961. Illsley, C.T.
Some thorium deposits in western Montana and east-central Idaho. 1957. Moen, W.S.
Boise Basin monazite placers, Boise County, Idaho. 1950. Klien, M.H., Carlson, E.J., Griffith, R.H.
Bear Valley radioactive mineral placers, Valley County, Idaho. 1953. Kline, M.H., Carlson, E.J., Storch, R.H., Robertson, A.F.
Big Creek monazite placers, Valley County, Idaho. 1951. Kline, M.H., Carlson, E.J., Storch, R.H.
Beaver Creek monazite placer area, Valley County, Idaho. 1954. Storch, R.H., Robertson, A.F.
Scott Valley and Horsethief Basin monazite placers, Valley County, Idaho. 1951. Kline, M.H., Carlson, E.J., Storch, R.H.
Pearsonl Creek monazite placer area, Valley County, Idaho. 1954. Kline, M.H., Carlson, E.J.
Corral Creek monazite placer area, Valley County, Idaho. 1955. Kline, M.H., Carlson, E.J., Horst, H.W.
Camp Creek radioctive mineral placer areal, Blaine and Camas Counties, Idaho. 1955. Roberston, A.F., Storch, R.H.
Rock Creek radioactive mineral placer area, Blaine County, Idaho. 1955. Robertson, A.F., Storch, R.M.
A comprehensive report of exploration by the Bureau of Mines for thorium and radioactive black mineral deposits. 1956. Compiled by Eilersten, D.E., Lamb, F.D.
An investigation of the amount and distribution of uranium in sulfide minerals in vein ore deposits. 1957. Wright, H.D., Shulhof, W.P.
Trace elements research quarterly progress report-April 1 to June 30, 1952. 1953. USGS.
Search for and geology of radioactive deposits, semiannual progress report December 1, 1952 to May 31, 1953. 1953. USGS.
Geologic investigations of radioactive deposits semiannual progress report December 1, 1953 to May 31, 1954. 1954. USGS.
Geologic investigations of radioactive deposits semiannual progress report, June 1 to November 30, 1954. 1954. USGS.
Geologic investigations of radioactive deposits, semiannual progress report, June 1 to November 30, 1955. 1955. USGS.
Geologic investigations of radioactive deposits, semiannual progress report for December 1, 1955 to May 31, 1956. 1956. USGS.
Geolgic investigations of radioactive deposits, semiannual progress report for June 1 to November 30, 1956. 1956. USGS.

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission microfiche scans (preliminary investigation reports)

These files are presented as-is. They represent preliminary reports based largely on site visits, and may not appear in any publication. Some files are partially or completely illegible due to the state of the original medium. The entire collection at Idaho Geological Survey is provided, including scans from decayed media.
Link naming convention is 'County-docket number propertyName' where 'county' is Idaho county of site location, 'docket number' is the ID of site visit, and propertyName is the common name of investigated site. This convention varies due to content and legibility on original media. All files are in PDF format.

Bannock-2463 SmithForemanClaims
BearLake MontpelierArea
BearLake StCharlesArea
BearLake-2466 WrightMine
BearLake-2467 BonnevilleProspect
BearLake-2468 EveningStarClaim
Blaine-2469 PrimitiveGroup
Blaine-2470 UraniumStrikeNo1
Blaine-2471 Columbia
Blaine-2472 GoldenStar
Blaine-2473 BlackCinder
Blaine-2474 Camas
Blaine-2475 ParkCanyonGroup
Blaine-2476 HattieGroupTreasureBelle
Boise-1 MicaDome
Boise-2477 PineClaims
Bonner-2479 IdahoQueen
Bonner-2480 HotentotGroup
Bonner-2481 MicaRidge
Bonner-2482 RaymondRichard
Bonner-2483 HopeMine
Bonner-2483 HopeMine-PriestLake
Bonner-2483 HopeMine-PriestLake a
Bonner-2484 WhitedelfMine
Boundary-2486 TheManUpstairs
Boundary-2487 GoldenSceptre
Boundary-2488 UGroup
Boundary-2489 SchillerDougherty
Boundary-2490 GoldenSceptre
Boundary-2491 MosquitoBayMine
Boundary-2492 PackRiverLumber
Boundary-2493 NelsonClaim
Butte 2496 CentennialMine
Butte-2494 LastChanceMine
Butte-2495 PaymasterMine
Camas-2497 FivePointsMine
Caribou-2498 OldSaltMines
Clark-2504 LongCanyon
Clark-2505 HeartCanyon
Clark-2506 ElkhornGroup
Clark-2507 FirstDiscoveryClaim
Custer-2508 ShortyGroup
Custer-2509 AltaClaims
Custer-2510 HardeeNo3Claim
Custer-2511 CoalCreekGroup
Custer-2512 EnterpriseNo1
Custer-2513 AlpineGroup
Custer-2517 Dewey
Custer-2518 Chalspar
Custer-2519 Bell-CrossNo1
Custer-2519a Bell-CrossNo1
Custer-2521 AztexMine
Custer-2524 TurtleMine
Elmore-2526 TreasureMine
Idaho-2460 SnyderAssociates
Idaho-2461 DalpKempAssociates
Idaho-2462 OrograndeSummit
Idaho-2527 LuckyWinGroup
Idaho-2528 JoJackGroup
Idaho-2529 EricksonClaims
Idaho-2530 LuckyTen
Idaho-2531 BeachViewGroup
Idaho-2532 AmericanRiverPlacer
Idaho-2533 MullinMines
Idaho-57 SnyderandAssociates
Idaho-57 SnyderandAssociates
Kootenai-2534 WestCoeurdAleneMine
Kootenai-2535 CaribouGrayWolfSilverTip
Latah-2536 AvonMica
Latah-2537 MuscoviteMine
Lemhi 2546 TagoNo15Claim
Lemhi DivideGroup
Lemhi-2538 SalmonRiverDev
Lemhi-2542 OreaniumGp8Claims
Lemhi-2543 LoradoGp
Lemhi-2544 Bell-ContactGpClaims
Lemhi-2545 BlackBullGp4Claims
Lemhi-2547 SanAngeloGp9Claims
Lemhi-2548 EllisGroup
Lemhi-2548a WhiteHorse
Lemhi-2549 RedboneNo1andNo11
Lemhi-2550 VolcanoPitchblende
Lemhi-2551 MagicMountainNo1
Lemhi-2552 Donna
Lemhi-2553 DonnaLouNo1
Lemhi-2554 JMcConnaghyRanch
Lemhi-2555 SilverQueenGroup
Lemhi-2556 ContactClaims
Lemhi-2557 111Claims
Lemhi-2558 SurpriseGroup
Lemhi-2559 PopeShenon
Lemhi-2560 Delmar
Lemhi-2561 RadiantClaims
Lemhi-2562 PaydayNo1Claim
Lemhi-2563 HorseCreekClaims
Lemhi-2564 CopperQueenSpringCreekOwl
Lemhi-2565 KingCrownClaim
Lemhi-2567 GarmLamareaux
Lemhi-2568 GarmLamoreaux
Lemhi-2569 ContactNo1andNo2
Lemhi-2570 BlueRockClaim
Lemhi-2571 RadiantClaims
Lemhi-2572 SpringCreekMonazite
Lemhi-2573 SquawCreekMonazite
Lemhi-2573a SpringCreekSquawCreek
Lemhi-2574 LeeBuckNo3andNo4
Lemhi-2575 RabbitFootMine
Lemhi-2576 SilverKingClaim
Lemhi-2577 JRSimplotFluorspar
Lemhi-2584 FishCanMine
Lemhi-2586 BirchClaims
Lemhi-2587 PopeShenonMine
Lemhi-2588 HarmonyAndersonBigLedge
Lemhi-2589 QueenoftheHills
Lemhi-2590 CopperQueenMine
Lemhi-2591 BuffaloClaims
Lemhi-2592 MoonMine
Lemhi-2593 SilverKingClaim
Lemhi-2594 GrubstakeClaim
Lemhi-2595 LuckyStrikeNo2Claim
Lemhi-2596 HarmonyMine
Lemhi-2597 GolcondaNo2
Lemhi-2598 DivideCreek
Lemhi-2601 Watson-MoonlightBlueMoon
Lemhi-2602 GoldHillMine
Lemhi-2603 Devere-Grubstake
Lemhi-2604 severalMines
Lemhi-2605 CaleraMine
Lemhi-2606 SingiserMine
Lemhi-2607 SmithClaim
Lemhi-2608 TwilightMine
Lemhi-2608 TwilightMine
Lemhi-2610 GrunterMine
Lemhi-2612 AmesMine
Lemhi-2613 SunnySideNo5
Lemhi-2614 LoneStarNo2
Lemhi-2615 SilverQueenNo37
Lemhi-2616 Nita-LouiseGp9Claims
Oneida-2459 CurleyJack
Owyhee-2581 SilverCitySteelePotosi
Owyhee-2582 FlintDeLamar
Owyhee-2583 SouthMountain
Owyhee-2617 TriangleRanch
Owyhee-2619 SilverCitySteelePotosi
Owyhee-2620 SouthMountain
Shoshone-2621 SunshineMine
Shoshone-2622 GalenaMine
Shoshone-2623 CrescentMine
Shoshone-2624 PageMine
Shoshone-2625 BunkerHill
Shoshone-2626 CoalCreekGroup
Shoshone-2627 AtlasMine
Shoshone-2628 GoldHunterMine
Shoshone-2629 BunkerHillKatherineTunnel
Shoshone-2630 LuckyFridayMine
Shoshone-2631 SilverSummit
Shoshone-2632 StarMine
Shoshone-2633 MineDumps
Shoshone-2634 MorningMine
Shoshone-2635 LuckyStrikeKingsPass
Shoshone-2636 GalenaMine
Shoshone-2637 SurpriseClaim
Shoshone-2638 WashingtonIdahoMine
Shoshone-2639 ConsolidatedSilverLead
Valley-2640 HowdyDoodyClaim
Valley-2641 HullsBigCreek